Grsec 4.4.115 Kernel-panic Lenovo T510


After the first reboot with the grsec 4.4.115 kernel, a variety of kernel panic occur, one of which being:

Using the older grsec 3.14.79 kernel the machine boots fine.What is surprising is that another hardware (same Lenovo T510) has no trouble with the 4.4.115.

To be continued maybe…

It continued to crash randomly, only not as quickly, with 3.14.79. Hardware problem is my guess since the other laptop had no issues.

@dachary does adding nosmp to the grub parameters allow it to boot?

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Did not try. And now I do not have access to the hardware anymore.

@dachary Are these problems resolved as of 0.8.0, with the 4.4.135 kernel?

I think they were due to a faulty hardware. It was an experimental setup and is now gone.

Roger that. For what it’s worth, shipping the firmware image package with 0.8.0 seems to have resolved hardware problems for most folks. I’m not aware of any kernel panics as of 4.4.135 with firmware present. If anyone can provide a counter-example, please share! :smile:

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