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electric security system note Maracaibo zulia installation of security cameras

Manuel peña divine child 2022


laugh or take this seriously i don’t have long to live and i don’t care anymore

I hope I don’t die so they don’t see this.

yelimar peña,perez o andreina

Araujo cesar

theft of stock market information crossed out

spy tool crossed out

hacking crossed out

osint crossed out

new information theft method crossed out

hacking black hat new crossed out

my only weapon is a computer.

not trusting anyone in the residence

hope my effort is not in vain

possible provocation of my brother’s death I am not sure but it is possible that the two policemen were provoked and the easiest target is him because he is wearing a white night shirt

although with the interrogation of the lady of the 3 friends who came home to clear their names saying that they were innocent I do not know if I believe in those words or not.

if i ever die search my computer

post every 8 hours Nico

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we have done (crossed out)

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damian x

who we are, what we have done, what we hide.

dark blue police design style white letters and details in white crossed out

Bombay style pastel wallpapers with flowers with fluorescent colors crossed out

collect information Luis Peña

this looks like i lost my mind i hope that someday justice will be done.


year 2021 december

fight with a certain Jefferson provoked by something unknown coming from Venezuela residences Ventuari tower 5 floor 2 room 4.the family of (anonymous person) on mother’s birthday

year of December 2021

I was harassed by all a residence but what the hell is going on I feel like I am being watched days later my mother gets a harassing and threatening call coming from Venezuela residences Ventuari tower 5 floor 2 room 4.

I didn’t tell you but I took the phone away from my mother to track this person.

year 2021 december 23rd i could not sleep 2AM i was learning c++ programming i heard a mysterious voice harassing me and telling me things i found it impossible to believe it i just ignored it and went to sleep.

The next day I woke up at 9AM where I heard the same threatening voice of two men telling me to get up.

publish all names

note I am not a person who does vandalism

at that moment i felt confused and at the same time i did not believe what was happening where i heard a voice towards a wrong apartment where the voice talked to me every time so i got desperate i got to a point where i got desperate with anger and i went to the wrong apartment and out of anger i broke a window which my mother did not believe me and i do not blame her where she took me to a psychologist then i knew i was alone and i had to solve this on my own during those years that have passed i followed that harassment and little by little i discovered several things that these people have been doing for years.

And all for discovering how my brother died, everyone said it was because of bad company, I was overcome with ambition and that’s when I decided to investigate the 3 people who disappeared from so many rumors and stories and impersonate men and women through social networks and investigate employees and police officers near the place of the murder to discover the identities of the 2 policemen.

But the question is why I am telling this is because the event from the beginning has lasted for years without me realizing it. When did it start? the day my mother and my brother went to see the apartment where we were going to move.

ok I don’t know, but I have a very good memory and I am good at remembering things with a very good level of detail.

Since the event of the apartment visit I have noticed in people and strangers close to me peculiar behaviors but not common behaviors but those kinds of peculiar behaviors were always the same for god sake that happened to 10 people is not a coincidence ok to clarify one thing what I mean is that these people were testing and trying new methods on people to ruin one’s life.

ok the methods they use are discreet as if it were a voodoo doll in a global and unknown way and i know it is extremely impossible they do it to not be detected.

An example would be to make you water your eyes in front of an unknown person to make you look vulnerable and so on and so forth provoking social situations like conflicts, teasing or embarrassing moments and so on.

#eye watering

#provoking vomiting

#dry eyes until they turn red

#your body not being able to move and becoming paralyzed

#hearing voices that other people do not hear and also to other people

#provoking conflicts between people like insults and saying things like false rumors saying that you are gay and making your eyes water making you vulnerable or making the person believe and give them confidence to take the first step in the conflict the person believes that you are an easy target and so many more examples.

#other methods he uses would be to defecate and urinate in the middle to not die and thus causing extreme fluid retention and thus getting fat.

#Another thing it can do is to control your body temperature levels.

#hear your thoughts and transmit it to other people

#control your sweat

#control your speech by modifying it by sleeping your tongue

#imitate your voice or anyone else’s by listening to them

#combine everything said more than one thing ago

#and many more unknown things to your body

in time I managed to get a laptop and internet. I got a little better at programming and managed to upgrade myself especially for a little while to identify the aggressors and their identities. But who would believe me in what I’m writing, I’m afraid I’ll end up in a mental institution “I’m alone” and I’m likely to die in 1 year.

and it is probable that I will die in 1 or 3 years my health is slowly worsening where I will die in a suspicious way and for a certain John Quevedo possibly Ventuari residences tower 8 floor 1 room 4.

i hope my life is longer than yours so i have more time to end yours and all the fuckers involved in this i don’t need to know you to know what a piece of shit you are,

I’m alone in this. But I’ll fight as hard as I can to do nothing.

Sometimes I wonder what would become of me if I didn’t have this destiny?

it is impossible to listen to the same voice of the identity equal to a video or an audio.

actuality 13/02/2024

#states of mind anxiety, anger, tranquility and more.

#breathing control

#they use the method of deception in making you believe one thing as your moods.

#provoking tiredness

#provoking anxiety in biting things

#control on your facial face in showing anger, happiness, happiness, anger, neutrality and more

#making you feel thirsty

#making you feel the sensation of anxiety to provoke hunger

#control of your voice causing you to talk or talk little

#feeling of falling asleep in any part of your body

#extreme cramping in any part of your body

collaboration between neighbors

the machine or whatever could be moved to any part of your body

#putting music in your mind so you can make it sing mentally and transmit it to people close to you so they think you are crazy.

#loss of consciousness not memory

#control over your energy state between tired and energetic

#ringing in the ears whether low or loud

during these years i have remained calm pretending to be a stable and normal person towards my family so as not to raise suspicions but the question is how long i can keep this up (?)

why I should investigate this is simple there are still those problems and it goes on

the difficulty of a hacker is that they see you full time. what you do.

note: analyze before you act

it’s impossible to sleep 8 hours well and i’m still tired i yawn and my eyes water as if i’m itching and every time i lay down to try to sleep my heart beats fast maybe i’m being played with.

damn it i only have names, locations and no proof to put an end to this i wish i was a cyber forensics “qualified” professional in that job

it’s a risk but it will be my last option

make an algorithm to steal information on cedula pnp for 5 hours to be blacklisted and so they steal my information i my pictures from the attackers and to hide my identity i would use tor mas Kali Linux + vpn

what will happen i don’t know

note: they changed the security or they are incompetent.

I know it is impossible to be a victim of 20 people and 150 accomplices but it is not the exact amount but I calculate that it would be.

I am 90% sure of what I am writing.

of the 20 people, they take turns in screwing around 24 hours a day.

the more I find out, the more I know the aggressors are relatives and acquaintances.

I know where it comes from but why not solve it because of what was said before and because the fight would be 20 against 1 where I would lose and more with that thing.

one of the plans they had was to separate me socially from my family and friends using the above methods.

I was told that it has a routine of insults and torture but to no effect.

if i get out of this or finish this all this will be different.

i got a call saying hello just like the one from yelimar perez.

i need authorities and a psychologist

write in securedrop sim spam


die in silence

or die like a madman

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