Hackweek / Workshop in Beirut in November 2018?



Yesterday the idea of organizing a SecureDrop Hackweek / Workshop in lambalabs in Beirut in November was suggested. I will be there during a few weeks and willing to take care of the logistics. It may also be a convenient location for people who live in the middle east and are interested in whistleblowing technologies.

It’s just an idea floating in the air at this point :slight_smile:

This morning it also occurred to me that maybe @Inna and @Fabrice would know people interested in participating, maybe it could be useful for their research project on ‘Pluralism of information’ ?



I assume you have been in discussion with Bilal and Alaa from Lamba? I think that SMEX would be a great org to reach out to as well. There are also a couple of open source Meetup groups that I can look into for interest.


Not yet, but if there is interest for such a hackweek, it would be a great opportunity to make contact with them.

I’ve heard the name a few times but don’t know anyone there. Their event page does not show future events. You think they would be open to co-organize such an event?

Ideally if people who are involved in Crypto parties such as the one @fabionatali organizes in London on a monthly basis are willing to participate, that would give an opportunity to investigative journalists to sit down and discuss.


Maybe we could even organize a tea house. Although… it’s a lot of work. I should ask for advice to someone who has experience.


Hi All.

@dachary, thanks for mentioning my name.

I’m glad to share my (limited) experience with CryptoParty London or help with networking / spreading the word, if that may be of interest. I’m not sure about my availability in November but please keep me posted if you want.

Best, ^F.