HOPE, New York, USA


SecureDrop presence

@redshiftzero will present and there will be a SecureDrop booth

General information about the event



This project has historically given a “State of SecureDrop” type talk at HOPE so we’ll do that again this year (or at least we’ll submit it, maybe they will reject us heh), with an eye to encouraging new contributors to join the SecureDrop club :slight_smile:


@redshiftzero, what do you think about hosting a SecureDrop hackathon in one of those workshop rooms during HOPE? I’m thinking if we tie both this and a talk, we can get more excited contributors!


FYI I submitted a talk to HOPE - again, the content will be a SecureDrop update as has been done in the past two HOPEs. If the talk is accepted, I will post here with a more detailed outline of the content as we approach the conference.

Regarding a hackathon @edenemmanuel, I think that’s a great idea. One note is that I think we would want to select an afternoon or shorter period to run the hackathon, just so that we don’t spread staff too thin since we’re also staffing a booth and (potentially) having a main stage talk.


Under my Freedom of the Press Foundation hat, I just reached out to HOPE, via the standard process.

So a booth should happen, hopefully. :slight_smile:


@edenemmanuel do you have more details about SecureDrop presence at HOPE? The thread message is editable by all so it can be updated when more information is available.


So I never did respond to this. My bad! HOPE itself was a quite a mess (to say the least).

Freedom of the Press Foundation (aka myself) was tabling and SecureDrop had the largest mention, with the Haven application not too far behind. Here’s how the HOPE tabling went:

We seem to have a lot of positive reception to SecureDrop. We might have a couple news organizations interested in setting up SecureDrop and potentially requesting Freedom of the Press Foundation’s help. A few potential new contributors were roped by both me, @heartsucker, and Josh. People were quite impressed with our translation efforts thus far!

Some people were quite impressed with @redshiftzero’s talk and were primed for me to close the sale. :wink:

In addition, we saw an increasing number of people gain more interest in SecureDrop, Tor, and other tools, including one high school student. The indoctrination is happening!

We’ll see what happens, but overall I consider it a success. We should consider doing a pure SecureDrop table in other events with more members of the community.