LibrePlanet, Cambridge, March 2018


LibrePlanet will happen March 24-25th in Cambridge, Massachusetts and the call for paper is … now :slight_smile: And the deadline is November 2th, 2017.


@heartsucker I don’t remember if you submitted a talk ? I think you did but I did not write that down anywhere :slight_smile:

Another link and reminder at

I will submit a talk. If someone else did already, I’ll withdraw. It’s a long way from home :wink:

Submission sent today.

Session title: SecureDrop : the rise of a decentralized Free Software community

Full Session 45 min

Track: Community, Project update, Technical (beginner)

Associated project (if any):

Session summary: SecureDrop is a whistleblower submission system that
media organizations can use to securely accept documents from and
communicate with anonymous sources. It is used in newsrooms across the
world, including the Intercept, the Washington Post, the Guardian,
NRK, Heise. Early 2017 SecureDrop received the FSF Award for Projects
of Social Benefit. In the following months people joined the project
to help with internationalization and software development. To empower
the growing community, The Freedom of the Press Foundation employees
agreed to gradually share control over the infrastructure and
eventually transitionned to a decentralized development process. The
most active community members favored an horizontal organization over
the usual top down non-profit structure to create a durable and
creative development context.

Abstract: Within a year SecureDrop has become a, decentralized and
durable Free Software community. This talk is a retrospective (since
the FSF award), focusing on how SecureDrop went from a centralized
project to a decentralized community project. With an emphasis on how
participants smoothly resolved the inevitable problems and tensions,
the importance of good spirit as well as tenacity to resolve
unpleasant issues.

Do you or participants need any special equipment for your session? No

Speaker release: check all boxes.

Did/will you apply for a travel scholarship? Yes

What name do you prefer to be called? Loic Dachary

Pronouns he/him

Bio: Loic Dachary has been involved with the Free Software Movement since 1987, when he started distributing GNU tapes to the general public. In 2017 he founded became a full time volunteer for SecureDrop (( to help journalists communicate with their sources securily and anonymously. In the past decades he contributed code to numerous Free Software projects and spent a few years working on Ceph ( Dachary also helps non-profit organizations promoting Free Software such as April (

Previous presentations: I ran an Upstream University workshop to teach people how to contribute to Free Software. And brought tons of lego with me.

Is this a panel? (three or more people) No

Will two people be presenting? No

Would you like to join our low-volume mailing list and receive our monthly newsletter? Yes

The proposal was rejected, unfortunately.

Thank you for applying to speak at LibrePlanet 2018. Unfortunately we are not able to include your proposal in the program this year. Once again, we received a record number of proposals this year, and have had to make some extremely difficult decisions.

I do hope you will submit another proposal for LibrePlanet 2019, and that you’ll consider attending the conference.

Thanks for all you do to support software freedom,

Georgia Young
Program Manager

Title: SecureDrop : the rise of a decentralized Free Software community

From gitter

@edenemmanuel 00:55I’ll be at LibrePlanet in Cambridge, Massachusetts in late March. I was going as myself, but I can represent the Foundation and table a SecureDrop table if peeps want me to!

Ah, that stinks that the proposal got rejected, considering we did win the FSF’s Free Software Awards a year before!

Are you still planning on going to LP @dachary? I’m debating the merits of a SecureDrop table, but if I were to order such a table, I’d have to get multiple volunteers to help. :slight_smile:

Let me know your thoughts! Thanks for putting in a proposal. Maybe we can have a sort of little SD event that’s unofficial or something.

Unfortunately not, my request for travel expenses re-imbursement was not agreed on and it’s a bit out of my budget. Sorry I cannot volunteer for the table.

There are a lot of good proposals and I’m sure SecureDrop will be back in future editions of LibrePlanet. You can’t be the star of the show every year, right ? :wink:

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Indeed, that is very true! Save room for other great free software projects.

@edenemmanuel FYI saw John Sullivan today and told him you were considering going to LibrePlanet.

@dachary, oh nice! I actually am going to go to LibrePlanet this year as an attendee. I had my flight booked for Boston a couple months ago!

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