Mozilla Festival, 2018

SecureDrop presence

Who Submission Scheduled Sponsorship requested Sponsorship accepted
@bmeson collaborative data models when researching policing data Yes
@heartsucker Community Self Defense: Holding the Line for Safe Spaces Yes
@heartsucker Personal Security: Fundamentals of Threat Modeling Yes

General information about the event

@redshiftzero @bmeson @heartsucker do you plan to return this year?

@redshiftzero @dachary @heartsucker I submitted a CFP just now. I plan to attend if I can get sponsorship to go.

@bmeson would you be so kind as to copy/paste your proposal? I also plan to submit a proposal and ask for sponsorship and I’ll be careful not to compete with yours so we both get a chance :slight_smile:

@dachary my proposal was on collaborative data models when researching policing data. I don’t think you’ll overlap with mine :wink:

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I plan to be there as well!

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I plan on going. Might have to submit some stuff too. Should we coordinate on who’s submitting what in this thread?

Good idea. I updated the topic (which is a wiki, you can edit too) to display a table to help track who’s intending to submit what. I don’t have my mind set on anything specific just yet :slight_smile: