Reaching out to SecureDrop users


I propose we send the following message, via SecureDrop, to invite users for an interview with someone from the UX team. A message was drafted for that purpose.

What do you think?

Just to clarify, would that be sent to SecureDrop journalists as a source? Or would that be a message on the source interface? I apologize for my admittedly basic question, but if it’s the former I think that’s a great idea. :slight_smile:

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The idea would be send that from the SecureDrop source interface to the receiving end getting messages from the journalist interface.

Short update: two days ago @eloquence reached out to SecureDrop users privately. So far 1 negative (in the sense “real good idea but no time at the moment” and 0 positive). @ei8fdb stands ready to interview as soon as a positive shows up :slight_smile:

Hea! The response was that the person didn’t have time but thought it was a good thing that we were doing. I’ve asked @eloquence if we can contact them again in a month or so as their involvement would be very much appreciated.

Another organisation has agreed to take part. I’ll be contacting them to organise it today/maybe tomorrow. So far we have 2 organisations who have agreed.

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The focus of these interviews will be in the context of the Qubes client, right?

Well, it’s specifically about their workflow with SecureSrop submissions. This will be so we can understand their workflow, and also to inform the Qubes client design.

@ei8fdb what interview script are you going to use?

I haven’t yet uploaded the script. I’m still working on it after some feedback from a potential participant. I’ll get it uploaded this week.

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