Release dates & sync with Tails


We sync the SecureDrop release dates to be a few days after the Tails release. So, for instance, the SecureDrop version 0.8.0 is scheduled July 3rd and the Tails version 3.8 is scheduled June 26th, a week before.

I dont’ recall why the SecureDrop version 0.7.0 was scheduled May 8th which turns out to be one day before the Tails version 3.7 was released. Was it because the release date of Tails 3.7 was changed? Or another reason?


Yep it was due to the Tails release calendar being changed. We schedule these two based on the Tails release dates, which understandably can shift a bit.

Also: since 3.8 is a bugfix release, I propose we can leave the 0.8.0 release date as is. My reason is the time for development between 0.7.0 and 0.8.0 is shortened due to the delayed release of 0.7.0 (ah, and we also have at least 0.7.1 to get out too).

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