Reviewing Turkish translation

Bonjour @tekrei,

First of all thanks for being so quick at translating the most recently modified strings and getting everything ready for the next SecureDrop release :slight_smile:

The next step in the translation process is to get a reviewer to work with you. I’m hoping @erinm from localizationlab knows someone already. But it could also work if you have someone in mind ? Ideally it would be a person who is very detail oriented with proofreading experience and a strong background in security.


P.S. Note that a Türkçe category was created for all matters related to your work

Ah, one more thing: the i18n demo was updated with your latest work so you can see how it looks with the journalist interface and the source interface.

Enjoy !

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Hello @dachary on it :wink: A translator we have been working with for quite a long time should be creating an account soon - not sure what their username will be yet. I’ll keep you posted. I’ve also shared info about joining the forum.

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@dachary the translator’s handle in Weblate is @wakeup. I’ve let them know they should sign up here as well.

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Cool nick :wink: Their permissions have been elevated, they should be able to Approve now !

Dear @dachary and @erinm,

Thank you for your help. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone, but I think someone is currently found for reviewing. I’ll try to update translation in the future also.

By the way, thanks for pointing demo page, I am going to check if translation fits well :slight_smile:



Great news all, @wakeup just let me know that the translations were great quality (thank you @tekrei) and that he has already finished the review. Only a couple of typos and some words changed for the sake of consistency.

@tekrei in the case that you disagree with some of the changes @wakeup made and want to discuss, you can always use the search in Weblate to find the changes recently made to the resource.

Thanks, I checked them and I only provided three suggestions. In my opinion @wakeup’s changes are quite appropriate.


Perfect, I just pinged @wakeup with the suggestions.

@wakeup agreed with your suggestions @tekrei and they have been accepted. I think we are all set to go :slight_smile:

Great :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone for all the effort.


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Great news ! Turkish translations will be in SecureDrop 0.5.1 next week :slight_smile:

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