SecureDrop application to the localizationlab Sprint @ IFF

Hi @erinm,

If at all possible, SecureDrop would be very happy to participate in the Localization Sprint you organize Thursday March 8th from 14:30 - 17:30 in the “Flyover Front” space at Las Naves during IFF. We understand there will be many applicants and we hope to be one of the beneficiaries of this initiative.

SecureDrop ( is a whistleblower submission system that media organizations can use to securely accept documents from and communicate with anonymous sources. Its localization started in 2017 and, thanks to the help of localizationlab, it is available in 11 languages (Arabic, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese (Brasil), Turkish, Chinese). Our primary focus in 2018 is to localize SecureDrop to official languages in Europe and nearby (Dutch (Belgium), Portugues (Portugal), Czech, Hungarian, Swedish, Russian, etc.). It would also be nice to add languages spoken by people who are politically active or threatened (Breton, Catalan, Kurdish, etc.) because they are likely to be SecureDrop users.

SecureDrop has a dedicated weblate instance, a localization guide to get new translator started and a dedicated forum category to discuss issues or suggest modifications.

Two SecureDrop developers (@heartsucker and @dachary) and the Director of Newsroom Digital Security of the Freedom of the Press Foundation will be at IFF. We will prepare a SecureDrop demonstration for the occasion and can make ourselves available to assist translators during the sprint. SecureDrop is a relatively small web application with less than 300 strings which makes it very suitable to sprints.




Happy to hear you are interested in joining! We will be chatting with the Localization Lab contributors attending IFF this week and will get back to you early next week if they prioritize SecureDrop for the Demo & Sprint event.

We only have space for 6 projects at the event this year, however we will be coordinating informal meetups for collaborative localization throughout the week so if SecureDrop is not ultimately selected for the Sprint, we can connect you with interested collaborators at other points in the week.


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@dachary I will also be at IFF and I believe Olivia Martini from our Training Team. So it should be a total of 5 of us. :wave:

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I did not know (or forgot ;-), great news !

Hi @bmeson @dachary mentioned there might be a possibility of talking with Olivia when at IFF, how would I find out if that’s possible?


Olivia is scheduled for a usability interview at 5:30pm March 7th at IFF

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Ah great, i didn’t see that! Thanks. I’ll add those to the wiki.

Hello @dachary we would like to officially invite you to be part of the Demo & Sprint session if you are still available! We have interest in SecureDrop from several translators (including for Gujarati) and will have a couple of familiar faces, or usernames, who have have worked on the French and Portuguese translations.

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Yeah ! That’s great news and we’re definitely available :slight_smile: When will this be ?

Strike that: it’s Thursday as written above. It is perfect timing actually :slight_smile:

@erinm where will that take place and what do you need from us to prepare properly ?

@dachary The event will be at the Flyover Front space in Las Naves. I would recommend getting there 10 minutes early just to get settled and set up. The event will consist of small group rotating demos, each of about 10 - 15 minutes, so you will want to be able to give a brief overview of the tool, who the target users are and what your localization priorities are. We will also be sharing info about all of the participating projects prior to the event so that people should have some foundational information about each project. There will also be some individuals who have worked on the tool, so they may not even be interested in a demo, but opt for Q&A or discussion. After the demos (6 rounds) participants will dive into localization of tools and can follow up on discussions started during demo sessions. We will be helping people get set up with projects and those who are already in the middle of working on projects will have the opportunity to bring up any questions or feedback.

This is all assuming good connectivity of course! Will be working on securing that next week :slight_smile: