SecureDrop release management rotation


Now that we have a solid release management documentation which enabled @mickael to be the release manager for SecureDrop 0.7.0, what do you think about rotating relase duties?

I would volunteer for 0.9.0 (not 0.8.0 because I’ll be at the CIJ conference in the middle of the Q/A period).



Definitely! @dachary you are officially the release manager for 0.9.0.

@mickael are you cool with also being the RM for 0.7.1? :innocent:

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Yep, sounds good. Happy to see more people join the rotation, @dachary !


So we have

Securedrop version Release Manager
0.7.1 @mickael
0.8.0 @redshiftzero
0.9.0 @dachary


Yep! Sadly 0.7.1 did not happen, so @mickael missed out on the fun :wink: but I’m sure we’ll get him back in the rotation after 0.9.0

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@mickael @redshiftzero I created a pinned topic that is in wiki mode (meaning anyone can update it) to maintain the schedule up to date. If you’d rather have it elsewhere, I’m ok with anything :slight_smile:

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