Source training feedback


I did a source training with a volunteer using MacOS. I had the source guide with me but decided not to use it. Instead the volunteer was instructed, to:

I sat silently while she was proceeding and took notes:

  • after successfully installing the tor browser, she clicked on configure instead of connect and answered no to both questions because she was not sure what to answer
  • she hesitated about where to type the .onion URL and asked if it should go to the search input or to the URL bar because it is not a usual URL. I told her to use the URL bar.
  • the tor browser was in French and when asked if the english pages should be preferred to improve anonymity she answered no
  • the security warning with a purple background was entirely ignored and she did not even notice it was there, mistook it for a decoration of some sort
  • she wrote down the code name and commented “it’s stupid to write down a password”
  • in addition to uploading the image she wrote a message and commented “I don’t know how to use GPG, I’ll ignore that part”

I then told her to close the tor browser, went to the journalist interface and wrote a reply. I asked her to check for replies. She restarted the tor browser and typed the .onion URL.

  • she typed the codename without spaces and it did not work
  • she typed it again with spaces and made a typo
  • she typed it again with spaces and succeeded

The whole experiment took less than 10 minutes and she said it was simpler than she thought, pretty much the same as the upload services she uses to share documents at work.