Translation Style Guide (all SecureDrop languages)


For me it’s not possible to join 20:00 CET, Can we make it earlier? Meantime, we can start drafting agenda.


When would it be better for you?


I did the maths wrong - 20.00 CET would be 21.00 my time which works for me. But yes, quite late for Drashti. I can generally do anytime earlier than that aside from 17 - 19 CET when I have a class almost daily.

What about pushing to tomorrow at an earlier time?


Friday could work for me, but I’ll be less available. So, anytime until 14:30 CET.


I can do Friday between 10:30 and 15:00 CET. (15.00 CET is the LocLab open community meeting).


I’m okay with this time 10:30-15:00 CET.


@kingu @kwadronaut what about you? Could you make it on Friday?


Erin I understand that, it makes me confused as well, specially because now I realized that CET is actually UTC+2. So, I am available anytime from 6 UTC to 12:30 UTC. Also, I am leaving the computer now, so will not post here for a few hours.


Ok, I can meet from 06.00 - 08.00, 10.00 - 14.00 UTC. I have to get three cavities filled in between there, so I cannot guarantee I won’t be drooling and annunciating poorly after 10.00 UTC.


I miss a bit of an agenda and/or focus on this topic. Within this forum thread I already notice something for the Organize guide: unless you all live in the same timezone, stick to 1 time, like UTC (Reykjavik time in some calendaring applications) :smile: . We all mess up with or without S-time, are the Brazilians back on regular time, … This Friday could work between 6:30 and 9:30 for me. If I’m not mistaken there was some Securedrop hackfest in Paris, which might imply a scheduling conflict, @dachary would know.


I created a poll for times this Friday in Paris/Berlin hour at and indicated when I am available. Feel free to update it if something is missing!


Agreed => UTC club here <=


@communia @drashti4 @dachary @kwadronaut @kingu

My apologies I was going to post this on Friday and completely forgot >_< We really want to make this inaugural Style Guide meeting happen next week. If you can respond to the poll by EOD Monday, we can solidify a meeting time for next week that works for the majority and finally get this ball rolling.

Times listed in the poll are based on Central European Summer Time and India Standard Time however feel free to add more times.


Just a reminder that only two people have responded to the poll. Try to take a look when you have a moment.


@communia @drashti4 @dachary @kwadronaut @kingu

Based on the feedback from the three people who responded to the poll, the hours of 9 - 11 UTC on Wednesday and Thursday work best.

How about Thursday at 9 UTC in that case?


I’m in :slight_smile: And adding more content to make discourse happy.


I’m okay with 9AM UTC. Now, Should we go for agenda?


An agenda or at least goals would be great, also a meeting location. Happy to use or any other preferred platform.

Maybe to start we can overview the SecureDrop guide as is, begin to identify gaps, content relevant to other projects etc?


And where we going to add minutes/notes of meeting?


Does a Sandstorm etherpad work?