Weblate infrastructure maintenance

Bonjour @mike & @conorsch,

Would you be interested in getting access rights & acquiring knowledge that would allow one of you to fix the weblate infrastructure in case it breaks and neither @fpoulain nor myself are available? It is unlikely but… better safe than sorry :wink:

Weblate has not been a burden to anyone at FPF so far and I certainly hope it can remain a community maintained resource forever. But accidents do happen and even if you’re not involved in day-to-day operations I suppose you would want to be in a position to fix any kind of problem if things go wrong, paralyzing the localization community.

What do you think?

Yes, this strikes me as a fine idea! You’re right that to date, the club-run infrastructure has been humming along pleasantly, with zero burden on FPF staff, but better safe than sorry.

How about scheduling a code review for the weblate setup? That would just be the first jumping off point: it would give @msheiny and myself a chance to review and ask questions about your config, and based on that knowledge, we could then work more closely on access and recovery scenarios (as you suggest in Disaster recovery).

Ideally others besides @msheiny and myself would attend a Weblate deploy/management code review, but even if not, it still achieves the goal of broadening understanding of what’s required to maintain the setup.


I concur with what @conorsch suggested – lets schedule a review of the moving pieces in a meeting and we’ll be glad to assist here!

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