You submitted a bad password! Password not changed

string journalist_app/ reads “You submitted a bad password! Password not changed.”

Does that mean that the user entered a wrong current password or that the new password he submitted is invalid (in length or accepted characters, etc)?

It looks like the first, but the string string is ambiguous.

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It is the first indeed. The users does not get to choose a new password, they are given a secure passphrase. Changing a password can only happen if you have the current password to avoid locking yourself out. And if you type the right current password, a new one is given to you.

I see.

In this case, @dachary, I suggest the phrasing in English be something along “you submitted an incorrect password…”

“Bad” might imply malformed as far as I have seen. Thus it could confuse some people at first, even though they will learn later that they cannot create a password themselves.

I have submitted a bug report.

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