21 of the SecureDrop strings have been modified


For the record, as of today, 10% of the translation strings changed. This comes from three updates:

A few strings were merely changed to remove a newline that did not please the HTML linter. It is annoying to re-translate them completely again. Fortunately there is a way to salvage the previous translation.

  • got to the difference with the previous version
  • look for the file that contains all your translations. It looks like securedrop/translations/nb_NO/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po where nb_NO is the locale you translated into
  • click on This diff is collapsed. Click to expand it.
  • Control-F to the string you’re translating (in English) to recover the previous translation and adapt it

I think the proper way to improve the translator experience in this case is to support fuzzy updates. I suppose they are meant exactly for that kind of cosmetic changes so we don’t loose all the translation.

It took me less than 20 minutes to fix the French translations, it’s not so bad.