AMA, Q&A, demo ... focused on localization


@erinm suggested a while back that it would be a good idea to organize a Q&A, demo or AMA type event and invite contributors to ask questions about SecureDrop, about l10n issues etc. I would be very happy to exchange a few words with translators who are the driving force behind the SecureDrop localization, to get the opportunity to thank them.

In addition, most of the best ideas for localization come from people who not only know the language but also the culture and the legal context in which SecureDrop is being used.

It could be a video conference with a chat discussion for those who do not have a great connectivity.

@redshiftzero @conorsch @mike @heartsucker @edenemmanuel & everyone working on SecureDrop would be willing to participate ?



This is a great idea - Iā€™d be happy to participate in the Q&A