Call for help: 10 min presentation of SecureDrop at IFF


SecureDrop will be featured during the Tool Showcase at Internet Freedom Festival Thursday 8th March between 5pm and 7:15pm. It will be a short 10 minute presentation where a someone involved in the making of SecureDrop gets to present it (there are many of us between Harlo, Olivia, @bmeson , @heartsucker, @ei8fdb and myself we will surely find someone willing ;-).

The more difficult part is the requirement to find a SecureDrop user willing to tell their side of the story: In addition to spotlighting tools that are new and exciting, it’s important to remember the value and impact of those that are tried and true as well. In addition to short presentations by developers, users of the featured tools will tell their story of implementation or use of the tool.

Does anyone know of a SecureDrop user attending IFF and willing to be in the spotlights ?

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@redshiftzero would it be possible to reach out to SecureDrop users and ask them if they attend IFF and are willing to speak about their experience ?

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I’d like to suggest creating a sticky message in the forum to advertise we’re looking to speak with SecureDrop users for the following reasons:

  • to talk with us about their experience of using SecureDrop
  • to volunteer as a SecureDrop to take part in the Tools Showcase

We can add contact details (with associated PGP keys for secure comms) for people who are interested to get in touch.

I can also expect some may want to contact us anonymously, or wait until we’re at IFF. In which case I’ll make that clear too.

Thoughts? I’ll write the message, post it and if the consensus is that it’s a bad idea I’ll delete it.

@redshiftzero @dachary Here is the message I’d like to propose advertising via the social medias, making it a sticky here, and other channels available to SecureDrop (mailing list, others?)


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We’re happy to share a call via Twitter for SecureDrop users attending IFF - is pointing to this message Calling all SecureDrop users the best place? Also I humbly request plenty of notes be taken for sharing with the team members (/me slowly raises hand) not attending IFF :slight_smile: (recordings are even better)

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@redshiftzero Great! @dachary also gives it :ok_hand:.

Yes I think the Calling all SecureDrop users link is the best place.

To help, I’ve put together some suggested content for tweets.

Before you Tweet: who should SD users contact to express interest to take part in the Tools Showcase?

I’ll add it in when you let me know.

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For the record, called for help via mail to Harlo, Olivia and Trevor today.

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That’s great, thanks Loic. :v:

@magpiewings do you think we could send the tweet out again again today (your time whenever is good), and again Wednesday from the @securedrop twitters account?

Also, would it be possible to retwitter it from the @FreedomofPress Twitters account? Who should I ask for that?

I’m keeping the recruitment going.

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Today the IFF organization took pity on us and wrote:

Thank you for your efforts, but please don’t worry too much about that.
If we can’t find an implementor/user, we can do without. You won’t be
the only ones in this position, so it isn’t a huge deal.

Which is a great relief :slight_smile: