[expense proposal] allow for localized screenshot [$25]

As a volunteer and in accordance to the proposed funding allocation process, I would like to propose that $25 is withdrawn from the SecureDrop liberapay and allocated to the Weblate localized screenshot issue bounty.

If there is a consensus within a week of this posting, the funds will be released. If someone objects and nobody calls for a vote this proposal will be turned down. If someone calls for a vote the funds will be released if the majority of voters are in favor.

As bountysource is proprietary technology, i think a better idea is to put 5$ per week towards nijel or the Weblate org there.
Should nijel be unproductive in the future, the amount can be lowered.

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@dachary I agree with the bounty.

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I would second a proposal to allocate funds in this way. It has a broader scope though and I think it deserves a separate proposal. Would you be willing to write such a proposal?

For this specific expense proposal and in order to not use proprietary technology (I can’t agree more ;-), we could add a message to pledge to send $25 via liberapay to whoever implements this feature. Would that be agreeable to you?

Liberapay funding is given without asking for reimbursement.
I agree with giving it, and then telling nijel about having given it on the actual bug-report.

As the donation is recurring, then it can be stopped once SD stops making bugreports for WL.

TL;DR Add 5€ to WL on Liberapay, notify of donation, check back in 5 weeks.

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I’ll do that to close this proposal.

Would you like to create a thread about that so we can discuss it separately? I can also do it, just let me know :slight_smile:

Discussing it, if needed, is fine for me in this thread, though I don’t know what the discussion entails.

So I added 5€/w to the Weblate account,
but it came out of the
https://liberapay.com/SecureDropCommunity/giving/ wallet,
which sits at 0.15€.

I didn’t find any way to change it to team. Is it impled that giving to an org happens org → org ?

I think you, as a team member of SecureDrop and volunteer, should claim 5€/w and you, as an individual should then donate 5€/w to weblate. That’s theoretical understanding on my part though :wink:

Did that and also sent 0.01 cents to WL and the org on the org account to see what would happen.

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The full amount was added to the bounty so there is an easy way to verify the decision was carried out. We are working on other means to transfer funds in a transparent way that do not imply using a proprietary platform.