Frequency of source strings update


@kingu suggested that having more regular updates of the source strings could be better from the localizer point of view. Right now we have a period of 4 to 6 weeks when nothing happens for languages that are fully translated. It’s a good time for new languages to make progress without being disturbed.

How would people feel if we send source string updates every week instead of waiting until the two weeks before the release deadline?


Hey @dachary,
This idea sounds wise, as it could make it easier to manage time to translate everything before each release. Though, in the case of SecureDrop additional and modified souce strings have not meant a lot of work for localizers so far (at least I consider the eight strings from last time were not really overwhelming). So, considering SecureDrop is so far a relatively small project to translate, it would be useful to find a balance between the additional work of localization manager/devs and that of translators before making regular updates a conventional practice.

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