Localizationlab summit & sprint


Thanks for organizing the localizationlab summit last sunday and inviting SecureDrop. It was a unique opportunity to meet the community of translators and better understand how we can work together.

The localization sprint on Thursday was also a defining moment. Presenting SecureDrop to each translation team in 7 minutes is … challenging. But it was also very entertaining and everyone was friendly. Jobava translated 100% in Romania (kudos to him for a great performance) and progress was also made in other languages.

Unexpectedly, two bugs were also found, diagnosed and one of them fixed the same day.

And of course we got good suggestions to improve the source strings which immediately led to pull requests.

This is the first time, since SecureDrop started to be internationalized, that we had such a rich interaction and condensed input from users and translators.

Thank you and thanks to localizationlab !