Making SecureDrop t-shirts, stickers, stand banner & table cloth


It would be great to have SecureDrop t-shirts, stickers, a stand banner and a table cloth, for when we organize a SecureDrop booths or just go to events. I would be happy to organize and find funding to make those. But have no clue how to get a good design. The stickers are easiest because some already exist and a file with the design is sitting somewhere: it’s not a matter of creating one :wink: But the rest…

I would love it if the t-shirt had the name/alias of all contributors printed in the back. This was done for Ceph and worked really well although there were hundreds of contributors. It also is a nice gift to send to localizers who work in the shadows, as a token of appreciation.

What Funding Design Making Storage
Stickers @edenemmanuel 213 USD @elioqoshi StickerMule @dachary
T-shirts - @elioqoshi @dachary
Stand banner - @elioqoshi @dachary
Table cloth - @elioqoshi @dachary


Date Who What How much
July 5th, 2018 @edenemmanuel 1,000 Stickers 213 USD



@anxhelo and me would be happy to help in our spare time :slight_smile:

Also for stickers/magnets/buttons I am positive Stickermule can provide us with free credits.

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Do you happen to have a recommendation for printing stickers, t-shirts or stand banners in Berlin or Paris? I know it’s a long shot but… :wink:

Not as of now, but I can ask the Mozilla Berlin office I guess.

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@elioqoshi do you know of publicly available t-shirt designs that could be re-used? By that I mean the source files to modify the design and presumably a reasonably simple way to create a file that is suitable for consumption by a t-shirt maker. And the same would also be useful for a stand banner or table cloth. I have no clue what format (PDF?) or resolution (1200dpi?) are expected. Total newbie here :cold_sweat:

Why would you reuse a design? I just said that I’d be happy to help as well :slight_smile:

If it makes you feel better, CMYK and Print is like black magic for me too. Different printers might require different standards so it really depends.

In general, any Vector File in PDF format with rasterized text in CMYK should be good. If you want to print raster (pixel based images) 1200 DPI should be safe for most cases but I don’t see why you need to do that unless you want to print a photo.

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Hum, I guess my coder reflex got in the way, always looking for something to re-use. Silly me :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not sure if this a good vendor for European/other American events, but in the US I really like StickerMule. It was recommended to me by the folks at Tor (which is famous for their many stickers as you know).

I’ve had decent experience with SecureDrop stickers from them. We could consider various designs and sizes. :slight_smile:

I’m also happy to provide some funding and research time to source vendors.


Do you have files (PDF?) for stickers?

As I said, if you want to print stickers/magnets/buttons from Stickermule, I could get you some free credits most likely by the DevRel team of Stickermule. Should be enough to get started :slight_smile:


@elioqoshi @edenemmanuel I updated the topic with a table to keep track. It is editable so you can update at will. Great to see that moving!


@dachary I actually have a couple files! I had to dig them up in my home directory (I have search turned off, heh.)

I have a .png, a .svg, and finally a .psd (for all you freedom hating Photoshop users out there :wink: ) I zipped them up. I think I’m attaching this correctly. Do let me know if you can’t see it.
SD (1.2 MB)

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Very cool! So if we send one of those files to the same maker you used (StickerMule ?) they will deliver the same SecureDrop stickers (nice ones, shaped like the logo, not rectangular)?

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We can make them all sorts of shapes I suppose, but this is their default shape, which I quite like:

I believe this was was 2 inches by 1.something inches.

If we get a high enough budget we can probably order like tons of them.

Yes, these look super nice! Do you remember how to ask them to do the same? Maybe sending them the picture and ask for the same in ~2inches wide would be enough. That sounds a little imprecise but simple :slight_smile:

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For the record the first batch of 50 stickers was ordered (2x2 inches) and shipped to my home, ETA july 15th. I will bring 25 stickers to SSL so @dshmL has some for Trans Hackmeeting If those are good we can repeat in larger quantities to save money. The topic message was updated to be used as a reference.

Here is the proof (design parlance I suppose) that stickermule asks to approve. It looks exactly like the stickers in the photo above and the measurements also match. Unless someone says otherwise I’ll approve in the next 24h. Also it makes more sense to order 100 instead of 50 given that it saves almost 50%.

I’ve ordered them a few times myself. It’s actually easy for me to reorder, since the proof was already done on my end.

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I should also mention that I believe all the proofmaking (or most of it) is automated, which is why there’s a relatively fast turnaround.

Great! Could you order them so they are delivered at my home address? I’ll visit @dshmL later this month to give him some.