Monthly SecureDrop Community meeting


I propose we have a 30 minute online SecureDrop Community meeting once a month, to get a global view of what is happening even when we are focused on a specific project (UX, infrastructure, i18n, code etc.). Of course 30 minutes is not much to cover everything but I tend to like short formats. Since most communication about everything is done publicly, anyone interested in learning more should be able to do so. Here what the first agenda could look like (just an example, nobody agreed to anything! :slight_smile:) :

What do you think?


This seems like a good idea. I’d be happy for our UX Team to give updates. :slight_smile:

It would be to very good to have (maybe between the “Fundraising” and “Free discussion”) a few minutes on understanding of how they all contribute to the “Securedrop product roadmap”.

It would be very helpful for UX input who is not “writing code” - our objectives might change if there was a need need on the product roadmap, or a big request for research activities.

I guess it would be best for @eloquence and/or @redshiftzero to be part of this?

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I’m happy to partake as well.

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Sounds good to me, ping me on Gitter when It is taking place.

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I propose we set the dates for the monthly meetings in advance for the next six months. That will give people an opportunity to save the date in their calendar.

It may also be a good idea to set every other meeting during week-ends, for people who are busy with work during the week.

What do you think?