Proposal to grant administrative privileges to ErinM


@erinm from localizationlab consistently helped build a healthy translator community for SecureDrop and I propose she is granted administrative privileges. This would allow her to manage reviewer permissions in weblate without the need to ask someone else.

Please express your support or concerns here. If there is a consensus, her permissions will be elevated after a week.

P.S. This is the first try to establish a transparent process for granting administrative privileges regarding translations. The associated documentation is proposed simulatenously. Nobody complained but we do not need to wait for that to happen and we can do the right thing now :wink: Feel free to comment on the process if you feel it should be done differently.


Well, as Translator and part of the community managed by erinm, I agree with that proposal.
The role she plays would be more time-efficient with those privileges, from my point of view.

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@erinm you are now a weblate administrator, welcome and thanks for all the help :slight_smile:

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