SecureDrop in Internet Freedom Festival 2018 "tool showcase""

I’m not exactly sure where to put this thread, so for the moment I’ve put it here. @dachary would you have an idea of a better location?

In IRC @dachary mentioned that SecureDrop has been accepted to the IFF tool showcase.

If this year’s follows other years (I dont know if this is the case!!) this is an event where projects are able to present their projects, tools and people can ask questions, try them out.

Speaking with @belenbarrospena, this might be a good location to meet people who are not yet SD users, as this is a good opportunity to do some user research with them.

Is there any idea of how this event will run, or what will be shown? Just curious. :grinning:

IFF proposed (but it’s not a sure thing yet) that SecureDrop is indeed part of the tools showcase. I’m really glad you have experience with this already :slight_smile: I’m waiting on an answer from the organization after replying : Yes, that would be great !

If that’s how you describe it, we can send a call for participation as soon as we know when and where it happens ?

From what you remember, was it presentations to an audience ? A kind of demo ? Or more a workshop where people use their own laptops to try things ?

Ah apologies, I thought that it had been confirmed.

Also, I should probably be clearer: I attended previous tools showcases as an observer, not as someone showing a tool.

The last one from 2016 was held in one of the open areas in Las Naves, there were stands for each project/org - the “audience” walked past each stand, asked questions, and tried out each demo project (ones that were setup).

That would mean we have some kind of SecureDrop booth which would be great ! I’ll update when all is confirmed. Or not :wink:

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Yea, that’s how it worked previously. I don’t know if it’ll works like that for this year.

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