Security maintenance

Apologies for the short-notice. I have to immediately take-down and patch our weblate instance to address upstream version issues. This is unrelated to last week’s maintenance. I can post more information once the upgrade is performed :slight_smile:

Site is back online. The issue at hand was a CVE on backend software on the server itself. Please let me know if anyone is experiencing issues.

hi @mike

I encouter some issues after I login weblate site. There is no info blocks about Translation status/ Strings to check now. Please check my screenshot below :frowning:


Two other translators for Greek and French also encountered issues accessing the strings.

One got the message “page not found” and the other is not able to select the “Translate” button to contribute, even while logged in.


Can we again check if the Greek and and French translators still have the trouble? Also same @jxtsi should verify again.

Just to elaborate, we investigated the issue and believe we have resolved it, please let us know if there are further problems.

Yes, it works well now. Thanks for fixing the problem :slight_smile: