Translate site - ratelimiting and captcha woes

Apologies for the inconvenience lately surrounding the captcha and ratelimit issues we’ve been experiencing on our translation site ( I have to quick reboot the server now (Feb 26th 2019 10:52 PT) to implement a work-around. To clarify there are two issues biting users:

  • Web application firewall rules which are incorrectly flagging certain behavior as suspicious and forcing users to complete captcha’s . This has been loosened for the time being until we figure out a better ruleset
  • Ratelimiting on weblate has been blocking some users during translation phase when trying to quickly merge multiple translations in a short amount of time. These defaults are outlined here :

So TL;DR - Trying some fixes now. Please reply to this thread in the future if you continue to see issues with either behavior.


Can confirm that the Captcha-nagging disappeared. It was for me just a nuisance, and the ratelimiting had no effect since I was mostly uploading a translation file I had translated off-line.


Thanks for the feedback @sveinki !! Please feel free to respond to this thread or open a new thread in the future if you continue to hit more issues with the site. :heart: