Translations and SecureDrop 0.5.1

Bonjour @redshiftzero,

I was surprised by the 0.5.1 feature freeze which happens today. For some reason I remembered January 27th would be the next release. But it’s January 16th. And I now remember discussions about having a release earlier but I did not change my calendar which is bad.

I will call a string freeze today and it will be somewhat messy. To avoid such problems in the future, I added a reminder to my calendar to verify the release dates every week.


P.S. The 0.6 release is scheduled March 13th which is about 8 weeks after 0.5.1. Is this intentional or should it be updated ?

Sorry about that @dachary. I can confirm that March 13th is the planned release date for 0.6 - it’s 8 weeks out in order to align us with Tails:

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