Upgrade to weblate 2.18 / Reviewers approve feature


Later today weblate will be upgraded to the latest version, 2.18. This will enable the ability to approve individual translations. This won’t be visible right away and the interface will stay the same.

The general idea is simple:

  • When a new string needs translation, anyone can translate and save
  • After people (let’s call them reviewers) with the approval permission decide the translation is final, they click on the new Approve button.
  • When a translation is Approved, people who do not have the approval permission can no longer modify the translation. They can however suggest edits.

If a reviewer is willing to experiment with this new feature, please speak up and you will be granted permission to approve a string.


The upgrade to 2.18 is done and reviewers are enabled. All translated strings are now waiting for review see french for instance. And someone with the approval privilege now sees the Approved button.

For all languages that were published with SecureDrop 0.5 and assuming there was no modifications since then (which can be verified by checking the HIstory menu), the existing strings can be Approved and Saved.

Once the workflow seems to work, all reviewers in the Localizationlab group will be given the permission trans | unit | Can review translation. I’d happily give permission right away but I’m afraid it will imply some unforeseen and confusing UX.