UPPER CASE vs lower case


As a non English speaker, it would help with the French translations to have a rationale for when upper case is used or not. Is it just for all buttons? Some of them? Because of aestetic reasons?

Thanks in advance for the clarification!

Before I go to bed:

A logo, abbr. of logotype, so AFAIK lowercase. I can ask a content writer friend in the morning for her professional answer.

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Many such cases. :)))

Is it ok to mix in the same question for clarification regarding Camel Case? Example: “Submit Files or Messages”

Good question. I don’t know the correct answer. My answer would be no. However I’m not a content professional.

How are these types of questions handled in other languages?

Consistency is a very good principle to have - consistency in language used, content style.

This is where a style guide can be handy - so all these kinds of questions can go away. (I don’t know the correct answer to these questions!)

I’m not a big content person, but I can suggest having a look at these content style guides. They’re often given as good examples.