Working with localizationlab & translations quality


Last week we had a call with localizationlab about translations for SecureDrop (@conorsch, @redshiftzero and myself for SecureDrop, Dragana and Erin for localizationlab). I’m very enthusiastic about the next actions that were decided:

An important aspect for SecureDrop is the validation of the translation in a given language. Fortunately this is something localization provides via coordinators who are responsible for the quality of the translation. The FPF seems to be comfortable that such a verification is a good enough guarantee to merge the translations in the official SecureDrop releases (@redshiftzero will probably comment on this as it is a very important condition).

I was also pleasantly surprised that localizationlab is not limited to translating strings. They also engage a dialog between developer and translators to improve the usability of the software being translated. The general idea is that localization may not be just about translating strings but also to adapt to use cases that may be specific to a region. It is still unclear how that will materialize but I very much look forward to having these conversations.

I hope to get a chance to talk more with Erin this week-end at SHA2017

To be continued !