16 of the SecureDrop strings have been modified


For the record, as of today, 16 of the translation strings changed with minor rewording and hopefully quick to change (or verify in case no change is necessary). This comes from these updates:

On the weblate language page, you will see that some strings need review (the same number of strings that need action).

You can click on the red line and will be redirected to a page where you can see how the english string was updated.

If you think the translation is still good and does not require any update, you can uncheck the Needs review button and then Save to move to the next string. Otherwise you can modify the string and Save (the Needs review checkbox will automatically be unchecked as soon as you start editing the translated string).

This is a great improvement over the previous process which consisted in digging into the git history. Unfortunately it is plagged by a an annoying bug which requires very careful review when updating the translation files. The burden is on the developers though and that’s a good thing :wink: