Being notified about SecureDrop deadlines


The SecureDrop deadlines are displayed in weblate whiteboards and in great details in the forum.

When subscribed to a given language in weblate, one can be notified when new strings are uploaded. But there is no convenient way to be notified via weblate when the SecureDrop release date approaches, because it does not trigger a weblate event.

A calendar with SecureDrop release dates was added to it so translators can subscribe to updates. Is this convenient? Should it be in a separate calendar? Other ideas?


It now is in a separate calendar, otherwise it is just confusing.

Should anyone be able to subscribe to the calendar?
I only get an access denied when trying in gmail.

@jonas.franzen you should open the calendar in a web browser and then click on the Subscribe link. If that’s exactly what you did, I’ll investigate some more. Thanks for the bug report :slight_smile:

Yes that was the procedure I followed.
Got it working if I copied the Subscribe link and added it manually in the google calendar, so it’s probably something on my side.

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