I’d like to become a member of the UX Team (@Fabrice)


I am member of the research project ‘Pluralism of information’ led by @Inna and dealing with the online press and the quality of information. I would be glad to contribute (and to access) to the interviews with journalists.

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It would be nice to have you. There is a lot to do with interviews and we need all the help we can get. Unless someone objects within the next 5 days, you will be part of the UX team. In the meantime you can participate in the public events: we have a recurring weekly online meeting today.

Sorry for the late reply: I did not notice the post because it was not in the UX category. I moved it now so it is easier for everyone to see.

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@Fabrice we will cancel today’s meeting, looks like nobody is around :wink: Postponed to next week same time.

Welcome @Fabrice! Can you give us a little information about your background, the type of work you do?

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Hi @ei8fdb, I am a researcher in economics and my research focuses on the impact of ICTs on organizations, markets, business models… My works aim to understand and evaluate how all these transformations actually impact diversity and pluralism with special interests on copyright/cultural diversity, privacy and the quality of journalisatic information.

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@Fabrice it has been over a week and there seem to be a consensus to have you on board. Welcome !

  • You are listed in the UX team page
  • You will become a member of the UX project as soon as you let me know your account name
  • You are kindly invited to attend the UX weekly meetings and you can see short updates in the past meeting notes
  • There will be a monthy SecureDrop Community meeting in about two weeks and each UX team member will get a chance to know each other
  • We are preparing a Remote KJ session and it would be great if you can participate
  • I will conduct two interviews this week, including the questions contributed by @Inna and if you are available to help with the transcription it will greatly speed thing up

Thanks again for joining us, it means a lot :slight_smile:

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Thanks for accepting me as a member!
I will do my best to attend the events (with a lot of professional constraints…).

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@dachary let us know if you need some help with transcription: it’s difficult for us to provide it within several days, but for sure we are ready to participate ! In which area are you conducting the interviews this week?

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I’ll conduct one interview in Lisboa in two days. The other will be over the phone. Your help with the transcript would be :100: and there is no rush :slight_smile: Thank you!