Need Help Moving Translations to Correct Language

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Reposting this in a new thread in the hopes of getting some help

Thanks for flagging this, @deeplow! The actual PTPT_pt change in Weblate looks straightforward, but there’s a prerequisite I need to coordinate with our infrastructure team. I’ll let you know as soon a we’ve fixed this. :slight_smile:

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@deeplow, I’ve just exported the PT catalog and imported it back into Weblate as PT_pt. Before I remove PT, could you take a look at your convenience and confirm that PT_pt is set up as you expect?

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Yes, it all looks good. Thanks a lot!

Also, would it be possible to get newer strings for SecureDrop in pt_PT?

PT_pt has only 240 and 1,801 words while PT_br has 336 strings and 2,533 words and I never understood why. It’s like to stopped getting new strings a long while ago.

The securedrop client on the other hand is updated and in sync with the number of words of other languages.

Thanks for confirming! I’ve removed securedrop/securedrop-client/pt from Weblate.

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Thanks for asking about this, which stems from a limitation in securedrop's current localization workflow. I’ll nominate this for work after the pending 2.3.0 release!

Thanks for your patience, @deeplow! pt_PT is up to date in Weblate.

Our current localization workflow doesn’t make it easy to keep in sync a language that’s not yet considered supported for deployment. While we’re working on that:

  1. If a new language, in this case pt_PT, is brought up to 100% translation coverage leading up to the next release, we’ll be able to include it as supported.
  2. If a new language doesn’t reach 100% translation coverage in time for the next release, we may have to omit it from the release process and then sync it back up manually.

To be continued (and improved)…

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I’m following up here to note that March 18 is the translation deadline for SecureDrop 2.4.0. If we can get pt_PT up to 100% translation coverage by then, we’ll be delighted to include it as a new supported language in this release.

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The translation window for the SecureDrop 2.4.0 release has been extended to 2022-05-23 00:00Z. pt_PT's inclusion in this release is contingent on its reaching 100% translation coverage!

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Thank you for the time extension. I really needed it to get this done.