Plan for the first release of translations


We should be ready to release the first official translations in 0.5. Here is the schedule for that to happen:

Bug fixes (before Nov 17)

String typo hunt (on Nov 15) :thumbsup:

String freeze (on Nov 17)

Release (on Dec 4th)

Is there something missing ?

Note: a downside of that approach is that the i18n demo is not in sync with the development branch before the string freeze. However, if we sync all translators who subscribed will be notified and, as we have seen in the past, most of them will immediately get to work. However, since this is not yet string freeze, modifications will be done and i18n will again be obsolete. To keep up we would have to sync i18n every time a string is changed but … this is likely to annoy translators because their attention is requested too often. I think best to sync only once at string freeze. But we’ve not done that before and I may be mistaken…

It is open season on typos at !

Update of the translations from the develop branch is on the way. The translations are locked on and they will be updated by the end of the day.

Develop was merged into i18n:

The weblate translations have been proposed for inclusion in 0.5

We’re in good shape: just waiting for confirmation about the pending suggestions in Arabic and Portuguese.

It turns out Arabic is not ready yet : instead of rushing it we postpone it to the next release. The rest of the translations are merged \o/.