July SecureDrop Community Monthly Meeting, Online


The SecureDrop Community meeting is the best way to get a quick overview of what happened in the past month. It also is the time for everyone to connect, ask for help and announce their intention to do something new.


Presentations 30 minutes

time speaker(s) topic
3mn @ei8fdb @dshmL @elioqoshi CIJ InfoSec clinic retrospective, proposed organization for MozFest, organization of hackfest in Beirut at lambalabs, presence at trans hackmeeting, stickers and other conference material, past and upcoming events
3mn @elioqoshi SecureDrop style guide progress update
3mn @Inna Journalist interviews and the transformation of information quality under the impact of digital technologies
3mn @Swarthon @dachary Enough Android App now automatically rebuilt from the repository, Logo and https://nextcloud.community
3mn @aydwi The SecureDrop chat bot
3mn @communia @drashti4 Localization updates, style guide, Kurdish Kurmanji
3mn @fpoulain SecureDrop.club infrastructure updates, forum, grsec 4.4.135
3mn @dachary EU directive progress, EU Whistleblower protection consultation
3mn @mickael SecureDrop 0.8.0 and 0.9.0 development update
3mn Add your name here Add your topic here

Optional unstructured discussion 30 minutes

These topics are not (yet) in the agenda but have been active in the past month:

Note: Feel free to add yourself to the agenda above, anyone can edit this message



I propose we pick a date for the SecureDrop Community Monthly Meeting for the next three to six months. We can either set the dates arbitrarily instead of trying to pick a date that is agreeable to most people. If someone cannot make it in July, they will get a chance to attend in the following months. It also allows people to plan well in advance, add to the agenda three month ahead.

Or we can have mores polls like the one for July, for August & September. It feels like this is more administrative work for people willing to attend and maybe not worth it.

What do you think?

I’ve been a little frustrated because there was no time for free discussions. @erinm suggested that after the well structured presentations, participants are invited to stay for free discussion if they so desire. I changed the time slot accordingly: instead of 30 minutes, it is split in two 30 minutes sessions, slightly earlier (6pm Paris time) to not collide with the SecureDrop daily standup and other SecureDrop meetings (UX, sprint planning) that usually happen after 7pm Paris time.

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I’ve been tagged as talking about the style guide which I think is a mistake. However, @dachary suggested I talk about the CoC.

Fixed, sorry about that :slight_smile:

@elioqoshi would you be willing and available to give a short update on the SecureDrop style guide on that occasion? Hopefully you won’t experience the same technical difficulties as last time. But if you do I’d be happy to read a written update on your behalf. What do you think?

@kushaldas I hope you’ll be with us, you made excellent points last time. We could start working together on i18n in the meantime and co-present updates on that front? Just an idea :wink:

@Inna @Fabrice I suspect you’ll be on vacation at that date but … if you’re not it would be great to have you. If you could say a word on your research and how it relates to SecureDrop, that would give us a new perspective on the UX team work. What do you think?

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I’d be happy to :slight_smile:
By that time we will also have a draft finished.

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I’ll do my best to participate to the today’s meeting at 6pm. I’ve not succeeded to add my name/topic to the list, is that ok?

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Of course, you’re welcome to join :slight_smile:

@Inna since @eraviart has a last minute thing and cannot join, his slot is removed. Would you like to present your work during max 3 minutes?

yep, with pleasure. see u later!


There were just a few of us today so… we decided to adjourn, at the majority :slight_smile: If you would like to report something, feel free to add to this post.